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Life is too short to Spend in a Home That Doesn’t Belong to You!

Have you been looking for house and land packages, display homes, and still couldn't find a house you can call home? Are you planning on settling with the options at hand??? Wait! Before you make any decisions, have you considered getting in touch with Vicinity Homes, custom home builders in Western Sydney?

Every home has its own unique design around individual lifestyles, distinctive requirements, needs, and demands. So, the one-size-fits-all approach with display homes just won’t cut it, is in conflict with the whole idea behind having your personal space. Building a bespoke, customised home allows you to have the freedom to add or subtract elements to fit your exact requirements.

You are a Few Tweaks Away from Your Dream Home!

And here we are with the overarching question, to custom build or buy a pre-designed home? Vicinity Homes has proven to be one the best Custom Home Builders in Camden, Liverpool, Campbelltown, indeed right across South Western Sydney.

We will help you to design and then develop a personal space in which you can relax, unwind at the end of a busy day, make memories, and enjoy time with friends and family.

The other benefits of custom home designs include:

  • Complete customisation – Custom homes give you the freedom to design what best suits your lifestyle, dreams, and desires!
  • Design a living space that fits your needs today – You can get what you want and need today, while also taking into account what surprises the future might hold.
  • A floor plan that fits your lifestyle – build your home for comfort, firstly for your own family, and then for when friends or family come over.
  • Unique finishes – At the time of planning, means that you can express yourself through the design, hand selecting fixtures and fittings exactly how you like them..
  • Optimisation of space – You have complete influence over the architecture, collaborating with our team to maximise all of the positive aspects. A custom design makes it simple to create any room, building, or particular space to suit your land, needs, and budget.
  • Supreme quality – As you design your custom home with the help of excellent home designers, and then builders, you can be assured that you will get the highest standard that meets all of your expectations!
  • Choose your own builder – Its all about choices and that also goes with who you want to work with as well.

Vicinity Homes, your Custom Home Designers in Parramatta

Turn your Vision to Reality with Excellent Architectural Designed Homes!

Vicinity Homes is proud to have a reputation as a leading home designer in Parramatta. Our architectural house designs take into consideration the Australian conditions, open living layouts along with designer finesse.

Our team works closely with our clients, the homeowners, to understand their needs, wants, and desires. Your journey starts with us examining your building block to see whether any obstacles may affect, alter, or improve the design. We invest significant time discovering the essential elements to design your new house, by putting planning first, then through ongoing consultations, alterations, tweaks, and iterations to your design, with the outcome being a new custom designed home that has been created just for you, your family, and your personal needs.

If you searching for an affordable custom home builder in Western Sydney, an experienced home building company that is well aware of homeowner challenges and is committed to addressing them? We're here for you.

Vicinity Homes have built stunning homes for Sydney residents for many years, and we have a brilliant design team that puts everybody on the same page, bringing everything together with a plan and blueprint for moving forward.

We believe no one but you can design your space. Get in touch with our custom home designers in Parramatta, Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool, indeed anywhere in South Western Sydney and witness your vision turn to reality!

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