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Our Building Process

What we do

We have perfected our building process over time to ensure the building of your home is as smooth and easy as possible. There are usually five simple steps along the way.

  • 01 Choose your land

    The first step of course is to purchase your block of land. When you are making your decision there are a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration. These will save you money on the building cost and also the everyday expenses running of your home.

    Is there a slope of the land?

    This will cost you more in the long run and restrict the overall design of the house. Look out for suspiciously cheap blocks in comparison to similar sized blocks in the same subdivision.

    Is the back of the block North facing?

    If it is, this will allow the sun to heat up your house during winter and give you maximum light through the day. This will save you money on the everyday expenses of running a household in the long run.

    Location, location, location

    Be sure to choose an area close to schools, hospitals, public transport and other important facilities.

  • 02 Choose your design

    Once you have purchased your land, your next step is to choose a home design that complements your land, lifestyle and budget. The experienced staff at Vicinity Homes can make this part easy. We will complete a free site inspection, which will give us a better outlook on your position and site condition. Allowing us to present you with our designs for your dream home!

  • 03 Add bells and whistles

    After choosing the layout of your new home, the next stage is choosing the bells and whistles at studio V. Our team will go through every little detail of your home so you can create the perfect pad.

  • 04 Turning the soil

    Once we receive council permission to start building, the construction will start within 3 weeks. It normally takes up to 6 months for to build a single story home and up to 8 months for a double story home. Throughout the build you will be able to get access on to site with your supervisor to show you around.

  • 05 The finish line

    All the hard work is complete, and it is time to hand over. Every detail is double check and the house will be cleaned so it is ready to live in. Your supervisor will hand the keys over and show you through your new home personally.

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